Clement Artist Statement

My art is a fusion of multiple cultures, the result of having lived on three continents, making my home in China, Brazil and the U.S. This cultural blend inspires my art and often reflects the inherent conflicts resulting from such diverse cultures.

The art that I create draws on this background as a way of connecting with and expressing my impressions of the world around me. Depending on mood, events, or an inner voice, the essence of one culture may dominate my work bringing out the energetic gestural strokes of calligraphy, the heat and vibe of an summer afternoon in Sao Paulo, or the abstract reflection of simply looking up and looking down.

Acrylic is my primary medium, often enhanced by the use of charcoal, oil pastels, collage to tell a story or express a feeling. I use brushes, palate knives and any object within reach that will make the mark I seek on paper or canvas. 

Painting for me is a process of putting down marks, adding to, subtracting from, working toward an as yet unknown finish. It is pleasure, frustration, uplifting and pensive. My paintings capture a moment in time, past or present. They are revealing yet constrained, simple in their complexity, personal and honest.